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About MWM

At Matlock Web Marketing, we pride ourselves on being honest, straight-forward, and on knowing how you can make changes to improve your web presence. We don’t hard-sell, and we will never try to convince you that you need something you don’t just to pad our pockets.

There are many fly-by-night or showy web marketing companies out there with whom you can spend thousands in unnecessary dollars. They may tell you they can work miracles or can get you to “number one” in no time at all. The difference here is that we know what can or should really be done and how to get to the top through real and permanently viable means.

We offer real help in our areas of expertise and we refer you to other trusted professionals if what you need is outside of our scope. We understand that you have a budget to work within and that you need to see results. We know how to prioritize the work we do for the optimum benefit of your business.

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Meet the Techies

Desi Matlock has been marketing and redesigning websites since 2003 as a member of a respected SEO firm. Over the years she has rolled up her sleeves and applied a lot of “elbow grease” to gaining a thorough and detailed knowledge of all things website-related, in order to better help her clients find success online. As founder of MWM, Desi continues to keep up with the latest technology in an ever-advancing field. She knows the struggle that small businesses can face in a marketplace saturated by big companies with big promotional budgets. Helping her clients find their niche, marketing to it the smart way, and creating well-built sites that convert people into customers for her clients is something she loves to do.

Ray Korns has over 30 years of programming experience, working directly for top-level software companies such as IBM. His full bio can be read on his own website. As a web-developer for MWM he allows us to offer custom web-development integrated into sites that don’t cost big-budget web development prices. We are proud to have him working with us.

Along with our in-house team, we have trusted associates in various fields who come in to collaborate with us on specific projects as needed.


We have combined our years of experience to offer you a very wide range of tools to market effectively online. We have all been at our respective specialties for years and we aren’t going anywhere. Business is booming, and you’re welcome to be a client for as long as you like.