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Feedburner subscriptions – Subscribing to our advices will be entirely under your control, as our emails are sent by a trusted third party, Google Feedburner, where you control your email settings. When you do so, your information is not shared with this website.

Email subscriptions – Unless you express interest in our service, you will only ever be sent an email newsletter sent by and written by a human, without sales pitches. An honest to gosh NEWSletter. We don’t share, sell, trade, barter, swap or otherwise give your information out. To anyone. Ever.

If you’d like your information to be shared with us for direct personal communication, send an email on the “CONTACT” page or call us and ask to be added.

We simply never send promotional emails to anyone other than people who have contacted us directly showing interest, and then only on a case by case basis.

Your email is safe with us. We hate SPAM, too.