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Analytics Review

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Your website should not be a mystery to you. What happens after people reach your site should be something you really understand.

Services relating to website Analytics that we can perform are:

  • Full Site Usage Analysis: This means looking over your analytics to find actionable items that will improve visitor experience, reviewing your visitor data for any relevant chunks of marketing or design gold, and helping you find trouble spots, in addition to ensuring that Analytics is working properly for you.
  • Analytics Troubleshooting: Unable to set up your goals properly? eCommerce not tracking properly? Not tracking your downloads properly? Visitor behavior not jiving with your analytics reports? We can help you look for incorrectly installed functionality or code so that your reports show you true data.
  • Advanced Functionality Set-up: Custom Segments, filters, campaign tracking, or other such amazing functionality. If you need to implement advanced settings, we can help you. If you don’t know how to track something that you really would like to be tracking, there is almost certainly a way to track it and we can help you set it up, even if you don’t know what you need right now. Tell us what your frustration is, and we’ll set Analytics up to help track it.
  • Custom Reporting Set-up: We can set up email reporting for you, help you turn this data from a jumble into a simple email you receive as often as you like, containing only the information you want to receive – thus helping you actually use the information available to you in Analytics. It’s a wealth of data and very useful – you should be able to use it, but if your reports don’t clarify things for you, they’re no use to you.

* The analytics programs we’ve worked with include: Google Analytics, Urchin (as a standalone product) and Clicky. We also have the tools to directly review server logs, but we would prefer to use a program with better review capabilities if you have one installed.

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