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Consulting Services Breakdown

I generally consult in 10 hour blocks. For that ten hours, you’ve purchased my time which can be used for anything which is detailed as hourly services below.

Services can also be provided by the project as appropriate. Doing so will involve an initial phone consultation, then the creation of an estimate for your specific project.

Services:What I Do, in Layman’s Terms:How Provided:

General Phone Consulting about your web presence.Help you work out a web strategy after discussing your current situation by phone. I can also help you resolve a situation occurring with your website or marketing that you need expert help to resolve. If I run into the need for you to receive a service I don’t provide, I will connect you to reputable experts that I personally know, trust and often have worked with for many years over many clients.Hourly

Pay Per Click Marketing Consulting (AdWords, Facebook, AdCenter, etc)Create, run or troubleshoot a pay-per-click marketing campaign at any major search engine or on Facebook so that your ads show beside web pages where ever your target audience may be.Hourly

Local Web Marketing ConsultingHelp you better market to your local customers. If you sell something only to a particular physical area, or want more walk-in traffic, there are tools within Google, Facebook, and for webmasters, make it clear to the search engines that you work locally and to help you drive local customers into your doors.Hourly

Mobile Web Marketing ConsultingHelp you to reach people from their mobile phones, either by making your website more phone-friendly without affecting regular website visitors, or by finding cell phone users through advertising in key locations online designed to catch people at that critical point in the sales process – when they’re searching for a phone number – they’ll find you or your competition. Let’s make it you.Hourly

SEO – Search Engine OptimizationInvolves re-coding existing websites, restructuring your content for the purpose of making it easier for search engines to find your content and easily determine what your pages are about so that you rank better in search.Hourly or By Project

Social Media (SM) ConsultingI consult to help formulate and implement social media strategies into existing marketing systems. I provide guidance, can create & streamline SM accounts to be easily manageable by you, provide advice on best practices, and develop a strategy. I can also integrate social media tools and buttons into your website. I recommend that you handle the day to day management of social media in house. You would not outsource your customer service, would you? Social media is very much a customer service tool.

Website Design/Build – Business sites, Blogs, Database-driven sites.I can create a new business site, either from scratch or from customizing WordPress for your in-house publishing needs. WordPress is the only CMS (Content Management System) I work with or recommend. I can build a blog for you, with a fully optimized custom theme that matches your existing website or using a ready-to-go theme. The advantage of a WordPress blog or website is that it’s usable within days of visualization and the content can be changed by you any time you want. I can custom build a fully functioning website out of any visual design or image you have. Any website I build is validly coded. It also gets registered, and is fully ready for search engines. Technical note: I program in the most commonly used code languages that websites are made of CSS, HTML, XML, PHP, MySQL, JQuery and JavaScript. Using all of these tools, pretty much anything you need your site to do can be done.Hourly or By Project

Website RedesignThis means rebuilding a site that doesn’t work. You may have invested a lot of time, effort and money into your website, but find that it is underperforming, with bad customer experience or not showing up in search. If you’re not showing up in search, you have to pay for traffic, which gets expensive–especially if that traffic doesn’t convert into customers.. Knowing exactly what is wrong with a website is a detailed science, and there are hundreds of possible “reasons why” it is not working the way it should. I can do a deep evaluation of every factor that could be wrong and then provide a list of actions for your webmaster and marketing team to implement, or I can implement the needed changes myself. Redesign can get your website properly operational, found in the right places, and driving customers in the way it should. This process continues until your traffic problem is solved, with regular reviews of your statistics to ensure the redesign works as intended.By Project then Hourly

I look forward to helping you make your website into a workhorse, and locating the best places and the smartest ways to find your customers online.