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Brand Awareness

So you want brand awareness? Before we can help you do that, we need you to consider what you mean by that?

Many people tell you that when you’re advertising online, all you can really hope to get is more brand awareness. Those people are trying to tell you that there is no hope of a return on investment in social.

If you KNOW what your success metrics are, and you’re successfully marketing those online, then you’re a candidate to tack on an additional campaign or two for brand awareness purposes, if you want, and if you have enough profit coming from your existing marketing efforts to completely pay for branding.

Otherwise, stay away and tell everyone who tells you to build brand awareness with social media to come back when they have a plan to turn social into more than a megaphone for the brand name.

If you need strategy consulting in order to work out a real social strategy that brands you while also building clientele, a full review of your existing social media strategy may be in order.