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SEO – Search Engine Optimizing

Let’s fix that search engine ranking

People are smart. They see a pretty web page and immediately can tell what is important on that page.

Search engines aren’t people. They need some help understanding which of the information about yourself or your products and services on your website is most important.

Pretty pictures don’t phase them. Evocative prose doesn’t interest them.

The only thing they read or understand is code. So do we.

There are hundreds of different ways you can change your code so that it puts your products and services first and stops confusing search engines. In other words, in order to optimize your website.

We know how to restructure, re-code and generally spiff up your site so that not only are you pleasing the visitors, but you’re also maximizing the possibility of being found in search.

We can help you improve the way your website communicates to search engines and find better placement in the search engine rankings.

Two Initial Analysis Consulting Hours for the price of ONE
Consulting – 5 Hour Block