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SEO for WordPress

Desi Matlock has been working with WordPress since 2004.

What is WordPress?

WordPress (WP) is a publishing platform originally created entirely for use as a blog – but times and technology have changed.

WordPress  is still best known for its easy and popular blogging capabilities, and the ability to add new functionality easily with simple add-ons that can change nearly any aspect of the site.

WordPress can make a powerfully effective content management system for any kind of site.

Have a hotel and want to book online through your own website? There is a way to do that with WP. Why reinvent the wheel (and pay for it all over again) by having someone custom program your booking system?

Have a store? There are ways to implement that store into your WP site and use the WP framework to have an actually search-friendly store without the $30,000 and up price-tag that is common for a customized, editable, search friendly store which is hosted on your own website.

Have a blog? There are thousands of ways to customize that blog so that it is pleasing to both the search engines and your visitors.

Are you a photographer? WordPress has had developers make beautiful ways to present your photographs and has become perhaps the best way to visually present your photos in a setting that is still search-friendly.

The list goes on and on. We can help you put together a WordPress website that can do pretty much anything you want – with remarkable speed and facility,  accomplishing your goals for far less scratch than building from scratch.

WP SEO – Optimizing a WordPress site for the search engines

WP can be optimized for search.

However, there is a lot more to it than just implementing a whizzbang automated SEO plug-in and considering it done. Nearly everyone does that, so the simple fact that you’ve done what others have isn’t going to boost you above your competition. Additionally, while those plug-ins help, they don’t cover the majority of what optimizing a site really comes down to. They don’t help you with structure, architecture or redesign.

Your WP theme can be streamlined and customized, your structure can be optimized, your code improved, your pages sped up, and your website’s performance as a whole can be improved. There are key factors that WordPress does not address directly that can positively affect your search rankings. Contact us to build, analyze or optimize any WordPress-based website.