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website redesign

When it comes to new websites, the sites we complete are fully on web standards, hand-coded and optimized for the search engines to easily find them.

The registering of all websites with Google is included in any website created for you. You will not need to later re-design your site in order to be found by search engines, as sometimes happens with other designers whose know-how is primarily in creating the pretty pictures you see online. With Matlock Web Consulting, the whole process is handled with the end product of a clean, well-coded, search engine and customer-friendly site in mind.

Basic Website

However, our forte is in making existing websites work. We can take your current website and make it get results for you–turning it into a fully optimized and validly coded workhorse. Visitor Usability Analysis and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are usually two separate disciplines which require different web consultants – Desi knows them both, and can use them to help your website drive customers into your business.

Search Engine Optimization means making it so that your website is found above your competitor’s websites in search engines. Desi works with most languages used in web design, including HTML, CSS, and XHTML.

Visitor Usability Analysis means reviewing your site in detail, finding the ways your website works or doesn’t, and providing a detailed plan for restructuring your site so that visitors convert into prospects more often.

Desi is also proficient with WordPress, a publishing platform for websites and blogs. So much functionality is already built in to WordPress that Desi can have a fully functioning website up within days of visualization.

Structure, when redesigning a website, is very important. It can keep customers and search engines from understanding or finding your business. Bad structure can kill a business website just as quickly as failing to add doors would kill a brick and mortar business. Desi can review your visitor and search engine statistics and tell you if you have a structure problem.

Desi is able to host and manage websites for her clients whenever it is needed. She can also review an existing server setup to make sure you aren’t undoing all of the good your web marketing is doing elsewhere with untrustworthy practices at the server level.