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WordPress Customization and Optimization

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WordPress blogs are everywhere.

Having one that stands out, is well designed and optimized for search can put you well ahead of your competition.

WordPress has a great built-in structure which can help you jump ahead because – at its core – WordPress is really smart and set up to work well with search engines. Add on a bunch of extra smart SEO tactics and give it a well-made template (visual theme)– the combination can give it the extra oomph needed to really win online. Add on to all that the ability to update your content whenever you want, keeping it fresh, and you’ve got a winner.

WordPress isn’t just for blogs. Virtually any kind of site can be built up on top of the core structure of WordPress. Sites that YOU control and that you can create or alter content for at will. Sites that do or do not have a blog included, sites that you can add new pages to whenever you want, sites that can showcase your work, your services or your products beautifully and still be simple and easy to maintain.

Our designer has been working with WordPress since before it was officially released. She knows it inside and out. She has designed it into blogs, business card websites, real estate showpieces, press release sections, full or partial site replacements and more.

Many of her customized WordPress installations were done to completely mesh with a pre-existing website design, or to match a concept created by the client.

As usual, any WordPress site created here has been completely validated, checked and cross checked, includes complete SEO and works across all browsers and platforms on the date that we complete the project.

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