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Projects will normally be scheduled in chronological date order immediately following the previous project with full deposit or payment in full received to our offices.  Any project must have the scope fully laid out in writing before it can be begun.

Hourly billing is due in ten hour blocks prior to delivery or can be post-billed to approved clients with good payment histories in full hourly increments. In the case of post-billing, all invoices are due Net 30.

Any client who has already received a written agreement to go on retainer or who has a prior history of good payment may arrange a different payment schedule with us.

Any good faith agreement or pre-payment discount is voided back to full rates by late or partial payment by more than 30 days. Non-payment in excess of 90 days may also result in up to a 30% additional fee for time and trouble. Until completely paid in full, MWM is the owner of the web property project under our control and ownership. Any images or hard costs not reimbursed may be removed from the site upon non-payment.

We reserve the right to refuse service to any group or individual at any time. If payment or deposit is received for a project that is rejected for any reason or in the case of refund, a 30% service fee plus any time spent will be deducted from the account prior to calculating the refund, unless the majority of service has already been delivered.

If a project can be considered to have “creeped” or if the project is substantially complete, failure to pay the final invoice or return all artwork will result in up to a 30% late fee recurring every 90 days and possible collections actions.

Any hosting client may be fired for creating a problem on the server or for using self-linking themes, or otherwise linking out excessively. The will retain access and unless there is malicious code, they will be given until the end of the month to find new hosting.

All projects are considered complete and billable at the time of the last actionable item on the project being completed. “Project creep” – expansion of original project guidelines parameters while the project is occuring – is considered a standard part of most projects and up to 10% project creep will be considered par for the project and will not be separately billed.  Any additional project creep beyond that ten percent leeway will be billable upon delivery at the standard hourly rate for that service listed on the rates page, which requires a password that can be gotten from any company personnel.

No critical information learned while in a business relationship is disclosed to outside parties without expressed permission. On occasion, a third party contractor may be brought in to do particular specialties at which they excel. The client is usually consulted beforehand except in emergency situations when unreachable (such as a hack or a deadline when the client is unreachable). All our outside consultants must have a history of trustworthy partnership in any case to be brought into an MWM project.

Any client asking for rush or emergency treatment is agreeing to waive all lowered rates.

A client is expected to do their best to keep their login credentials private and secure. Anyone who shares login credentials with someone rather than having a new set issued for trhat unique user will be in violation of terms and may be fined for the time spent repairing a hack or issuing replacement credentials.

Clients are required to have a working email address registered with us that is NOT related to the project. If the project is then no email address at is a valid email address for your email communications with MWM. This allows us to contact you even if the website or the mail server are under maintenance.

Examples of time that is billable include: setting up accounts for you, researching alternatives at your request, development on the project, frameworks, programming or altering web properties, time spent in visual design for you, ad campaign maintenance, social media management, telephone consultation or coordination, creation or change of development and planning documentation, and work that is nullified after the fact, such as programming items that are then removed. Basically, the rule of thumb is that if you ask us to do it for you, or if the item we’re working on is done entirely to benefit you as the client, it is assumed that you understand that the time involved is billable. In the case of project rate, that time counts as project time. If a project incurs 12 hours of programming and 30 hours of meetings and phone calls, the total project time is 42 hours.

Once a project is completed, there are zero recurring service fees. And there is no contractual requirement to continue to use any of our services after the estimated project is complete, so long as no outstanding invoice exists. This excludes any websites that operate off of a software that requires regular maintenance to stay secure, such as shopping carts or blogs, which will be updated at least once per year to current versions and billed hourly unless other agreement was made.

All usernames, passwords and accounts will be made available to you to access during the project. We recommend tracking this info as you become the SOLE owner of said info once the project is complete. MWM releases all ownership to you, and all control of accounts – except as requested by the client for maintenance of their accounts. All accounts, whether you provide access or we create them for you, are entirely owned by the client and not MWM, and you can access and change anything you want.

Recurring fees incurred on your behalf for third parties such as directory listings, hosting or domain renewal accounts, will be billed by the third parties, and not by MWM. Contact those third parties directly with questions or to cancel recurring billings. If we created the accounts for you, you will have been provided with login credentials when the accounts were created for you. We are available to help you retain control of any account you’ve lost track of, and may be contacted through our tech support form (link above).