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The Service Queue

Last update: 2015-12-21

Current Status of the Service Queue:

The soonest a newly scheduled project could be started is estimated at March 2016. There is about a 3 month waiting list.

To get into the queue a deposit of 50% is required on the project, and at that point your project goes into the queue, in order of deposit received. Please don’t hesitate to place a deposit, or your project will end up even further into the future. Once you have placed your deposit, we can schedule your project. Please do all you can to have your end of the project ready to be worked on by your start date. For instance, gather logins, find any copy involved, and bring prior research to the table for best results. We find that most new clients need a while to gather their scattered information and plans, and having those ready on the start date will greatly assist you.

Be considerate. Someone else scheduled their project before you did, and they are getting the utmost of our attention. You will receive the same care and attention in turn when your project comes up.

Please do not request to be able to pay extra to skip the queue. Should you need your project done in a rush, premium rates will be applied. Rush projects cancel any discounts or return rates and cannot always be guaranteed. Should you not be able to wait, we can recommend a few other firms.

If you’re ready to place your deposit and get started, please contact us.